My Cross stitching

I taught myself cross stitching and wanted a place to collect all my designs.

This one is a quote from Vinny Vinesauce from one of his Kirby 64 streams. It sounds depressing, but this quote was very uplifting for me. So much so that I wanted to learn how to cross stitch just to immortalize it. Completed May 6th 2019

This design came from a pattern I bought from the thrift store. I changed the words and added my own original text on the bottom of this piece. I'm gluten free and I love baking, so this was perfect for me. It now resides in the kitchen. Completed May 8th 2019

I saw some people doing designs of teeth similar to this. It reminded me of Kerosene lyrics (by Red Vox) so I decided to make a design and cross stitch it. Completed May 16th 2019

Found this design on shitpost sampler and I absolutely Had to Try it Out. Completed May 19th 2019

A few small/cute designs that I mailed off to friends. ^^