I do a lot of Death Witchcraft. This might sound scary, but all it means is that I regularly give respect to the deceased, work with departed spirits, and work with deities like Persephone!

Graveyard Do's and Don't's!

Do! Bring offerings, coins are always a great offering and are used in a lot of different religions!
Be respectful! Listen to the spirits around you. If you feel uneasy or unwelcome, leave.
Follow the Law! If you go to a graveyard after hours, you could get arrested!

DON'T pick up things off of graves. If they've blown away, fine, but if they're still on someone's grave, don't move it!
Do not clean Gravestones! You need to have a special certification to do this!
Do not ever bring a shovel or a small garden trowl! No matter how pure your intentions are, you could get in trouble for grave robbing! If you must do any digging, bring a spoon.

Easy & Simple Offerings for the Dead

Herbs: Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary
Fruits: Apples & Pomegranates
Flowers: Roses, Marigolds, Lilies, Orchids, Dasies, Tulips
Others: Water, Wine, Coins, Candles
Devotional Acts: Picking up trash at graveyards, Talking to gravestones, Playing music softly for the dead to hear, Writing poetry for the dead, etc.

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