Praise Be to the Chthonics

This is Persephone, goddess of Spring and queen of the Underworld. I am devoted to her.
This is Persephone's husband, Haides, God of the Dead (not of Death/Dying!) and of Wealth.
This is Hekate, Goddess of Witchcraft, Necromancy, and the Crossroads. She's also friend and attendant to Persephone. She guides the dead back to the underworld where they can rest peacefully. She was also once worshipped as a Hearth goddess as well!
Last but not least is Hypnos, god of sleep. He is a calm and gentle god that helps me get to sleep at night.

The Ouranics I follow

The ever beautiful lady Aphrodite of Laughter and Love.

The ever brilliant and wonderful Hestia of the Hearth.