I never had a website as a kid but I used to be obsessed with the idea of joining fanlistings, or making my own. It was always a "maybe someday I'll get to do this." Nowadays, with not nearly as many things still being claimed, I'd absolutely like to run a fanlisting of my own. In the meanwhile, here's a good list of the ones that I've joined so far.


Cemetaries & Graveyards fanlistingAutumn fanlistingSpring fanlistingSeasons fanlisting


Digimon Adventure fanlisting Makino Ruki fanlisting Sora Takenouchi fanlisting

Video Games

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles fanlisting Fire Emblem Series fanlisting Metal Gear Solid Fanlisting Majora's Mask Fanlisting Yakuza 0 Fanlisting Zero Escape fanlisting

TV Shows

The Golden Girls fanlisting Parks & Rec fanlisting Brooklyn 99 fanlisting


The Adventure Zone fanlisting Critical Role fanlisting