My Poetry

I started getting back into poetry and wanted a place to post that too. I hope you enjoy.
Some of them may be triggering or graphic, so proceed with caution.

Nomad. 7/1/2019

Snow Covered
Ragged and worn
Aged Leather Skin
Sharp Spined
Cracked bleeding Hands
Weary Eyes
Looking Down
The Abyss becons from Beneath


A waiting room full of faces
Some full of laughter, some filled with fear,
All sharing stories of His conquests and triumphs
All waiting for something none of us wanted

Only groups of two at a time, they said
We don't want to overstimulate him, they said
We all took turns, dancing around one another
We talked to Him
But He only Listens.


My Dearest Hermes
I beg of you
Scoop me up
Innards and All
Drown my Heart
In the River Styx
Let me walk Hand in Hand
With Ladies Persephone and Hekate
Let me be All
So tired of being One


Turning the radio dial,
Static that your television set is incapable of deciphering,
Codes and Transcripts,
And Letters and Letters and Letters and Letters,
But wipe away the grime,
and there is screaming.