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Created Apr 15 2019 ♡ Yarrow 2023

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Playstation 3
I remember saving up money for a Playstation 3 because there were quite a few games I wanted to play on it. It kinda just felt like the natural evolution to having a ps2. I thought having Nintendo and Sony consoles made for a well rounded system, anything that I wanted to play that wasn't on a Nintendo console was probably on the ps3.

Among one of the most influencial games I played on the ps3 was Grand Theft Auto 5. I sort of played it on a whim. Back then, it was very easy to share games on the ps3 with one trusted friend. He had GTA5 and encouraged me to try it. Growing up with Nintendo, I really didn't have any frame of reference for playing "ultra violent games" like Grand Theft Auto. I didn't really think I'd like it! Boy, was I wrong. While the gameplay was fun enough, I was really enamoured with the story. I played it until I had heard every single dialouge options you could hear, and I was driving around with Michael, Trevor, and Franklin in silence. I feel like a lot of the legacy for other people was the online mutiplayer, and to be honest, I barely played that. I had no interest in playing an original character, it was all about the cinematic storyline for me.

I also remember getting Dragon Age Inquisition later on in the console's lifespan and having my roommates get super into it. Thanks to them I saw a lot of the game that I wouldn't have seen with only my single playthrough, including an Iron Bull romance and the heartbreaking last minute addition to the game, the Solas romance.

Some of the games for this console I sold off, intending to get the Playstation 4 versions of the same game. Some of those I've just never picked up, including the ps4 version of GTA5 I was so excited for... One day, I will play it.

Game Library: Dark Souls 2, Dead Space, Idolm@ster 2 (JPN), Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, Mass Effect 2, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4

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