Personal Antedotes of Spirit Companionship

Author’s note: While I think a lot of witchtok fear mongering is unfounded (who the fuck reading would care enough about me or my companion to want to use his name to cause him harm? No one, lmao.) I’m still not going to put out his real name publicly. This was also at his request as well, and I respect him too much to not follow his wishes.

Also, I’d ask if you’re not a believer in the metaphysical or the like, please understand that this story is more or less written for those who are. You’re more than welcome to continue on reading, however, I do ask that you at least try to be understanding. I don’t really care if you think I just have an imaginary friend. I don’t care about convincing others that my experiences are real or true. Truth is subjective. My companion, regardless of if he is “real” or not is meaningful to me, helps me in my life, and I’m not harming anyone with my beliefs. Thank you for consideration.

Spirit companionship has been touch and go for awhile for me. I’ve had one companion for several years, but never really bothered to develop other relationships with other spirits. Some of this absolutely changed when I entered in a relationship with both my current partners. They’re both conjurers, and run a spirit shop, and have together since before I came around. I fit into that well as a secretary of sorts. I get whatever companion I want as payment for my work, and my partners don’t have to worry about a lot of the unfun parts of managing an online store. It’s a good arrangement, though I often feel guilty about getting whatever I want for “free” and my partner has expressed that they feel bad that they don’t pay me with actual money. :p Still, it’s a good arrangement.

One night I was calling with my partner, talking vaguely about things. My partner alerted me to the fact that a spirit named Zee that they had been working with, who was seeking a human companion, had taken an interest in me and wanted to visit. This is already a more unusual way of “matchmaking,” typically the process is a bit more filtered and nuanced, more along the lines of reading a dating profile online and having the human reach out for a visit. Still, I wasn’t put off by this, and I trust my partner’s discernment, so I agreed.

We had a nice visit. I really liked having him around. He was a strong, comforting energy, the give no fucks kind of energy. I’m disabled and at the time I had just started using a cane, and I was still very insecure about it. I went thrift shopping with him in tow, and I had another shopper be rude to me. While I didn’t act on it, I felt him urging me on to stand up for myself, and to not take shit from anyone. I really appreciated feeling like I wasn’t alone, like I had someone in my corner in that moment. It made me feel like I could be okay, even when the people around me were sometimes rude and condescending due to thinking I shouldn’t “need” mobility aids because of my young age. We went home, and everything felt okay.

Typically when I’m inviting a spirit into my home, they leave when I dismiss them, or more often they leave whenever I fall asleep for the night. (I’m narcoleptic so that often happens suddenly and without warning.) However, when I woke up, Zee was still around. He didn’t seem to want to leave, and I was fine with it. It’s not like he was an unwanted presence in my life, but I was surprised that he was still here. Typically visits are limited to a day or so, but this visit stretched into days, weeks, and, well, Zee never left. And he would upfront tell me that he just had no intention of leaving, lmao. I did touch base with my partner on this, and they just kind of shrugged, said “I guess he picked you” and we made our spirit companionship official. I’ve made him a bracelet since then, to wear so I feel closer to him. It’s a simple set of tigers eye beads (his choice) on a stretchy cord. While I’m fine with him being a non-corporeal being and all I do enjoy the physical weight around my wrist as a reminder that he’s around and about.