name: Unzan Nagae
age: 28 at the start of AAR
gender: he/they transmasculine person
sexuality: pansexual and polyamorous (currently not partnered)
main classes: black mage & dark knight
secondary classes: weaver
occupation: adventurer & seamster

eyes: blue
hair: brown, dyed black & purple
build: tall, wide shoulders, thin waist, musclar but lean
skin: brown, freckled
clothing: Whatever it is, it's black, sometimes with accents of purple. He's a fashion forward thinking individual who likes to experiment with different styles and fabrics.

alignment: chaotic good
personality: boisterous, loud, generous, giving, rebellious, fun loving, caring, rash, stubborn, independant
likes: food from home, coffee, travel, clubbing
dislikes: sweets, cruelty, tradition
other: anxiety (since childhood) ptsd (heavensward)

Unzan was raised in Hingashi proper, his family being well involved and connected in the textile industry. He was raised in a large extended family with many siblings and cousins and grew up often being overlooked and underappreciated. This was not intentional, just the biproduct of being raised in a loud family where everyone had to speak up to have their needs met.

Unzan's parents were loving and kind and when their daughter, at a fairly young age, realized that they were their son instead, the family adjusted to accept Unzan how he was, and even bestowed him with the name Unzan that he carries to this day. While Unzan was talented and even skilled with textiles a life of staying at home and working in the family business wasn't working out.

He found himself rebelling against the strict nature of his family upbringing, getting into arguments and even running away from home a few times as a teenager, though he always came back. While they had found him being transgender to be perfectly acceptable, they still expected him to partake of certain obligations as a male born into the family, ones which Unzan just had absolutely no interest in. He tried negotiating with his family, and fitting in where he could. He did love his family, after all, but it was like fitting a square peg into a round hole.

Unzan simply wasn't happy. He also had his eye on being an adventurer. Being still in one place didn't feel right to him. All he had ever seen of the world was Hingashi, and he longed to see more. Unzan felt the blood of his ancestors as well as the drive of Oschon to bring him to set out on his own.

Roleplay Timeline
He heads to Ul'dah, knowing that the Weavers guild exists there, and thinks that maybe he can bring a modern flair to the talents that he honed as a child. Unzan also realizes that, hey, even adventurers need to eat. And maybe sleep on a bed once in awhile. He makes contacts within the city and visits a lot of the guilds, becoming members of several of them.

At first he's enthusiastic about Ul'dah, hoping that he can do what he wants within these walls. However, he eventually finds that the city is cruely unjust to not only the poor of Ul'dah, but any refugees, his opinion turns sour rather quickly. It is in this time that he manages to run into a certain Lalafell that takes notice of his innate and rather large personal aetherpool. Fueled by his need to do good, to do something that matters, he takes up arms and finds friends within the Thaumatergy guild.

This newfound magic potential prompts Unzan to continue to travel, along with the potential for new clients in different parts of Eorzea. He picks up many different crafting trades, all to help himself keep afloat earning gil, while simitaniously helping the occasional fellow traveler with a bit of Thaumatergy.

Upon Ishgard opening it's doors, Unzan is quick to visit, wanting to visit a new place as well as now grow his own personal textile business. He also thought of it as a way to get away from Ul'dah, now completely grown disolusioned with a city he once held in the highest esteem. While he doesn't find much repireve from resentment within the walls of Ishgard he does find a new calling, and takes up sword to begin to defend the weak and powerless.

Warrior of Light Timeline
(spoilers abound, highly don't suggest reading unless you've beaten Heavensward. Minor details may be inaccurate to canon and will be corrected upon more completiton of MSQ by yours truly.)
Unzan traveled about aimlessly for awhile, until finding Ul'dah. One day, by happenstance, he happen to pass by the Thaumatergy guild and he headed inside. He was incredibly talented at magic and took to it rather easily, apparently born with a larger than normal aetherpool to draw upon.

Unzan originally entered Ul'dah bright eyed and bushy tailed, encouraged by their forward thinking focus on commerce, it was all very modern and forward thinking to someone who was trying to escape rigid and traditional thinking. He became a staunch ally of Ul'dah during his adventures, even going as far as to join their army, the Immortal Flames, upon being prompted to. However, Ul'dah had a dark side, a side that turned hatred upon those who have nothing. Upon realizing the truth, Unzan began to grow disolutioned and even feel a bit of hatred for the city and it's people.

Luckily, he found refuge through a group of new friends, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, who aimed to help others under no banner, which was something Unzan agreed with. He didn't really know or care much about this Echo, or this Warror of Light stuff... political meetings he got involved in often found him turning to one of his friends for the "politics for dummies" version of what just happened.

However his defeat of several Primals began to make people take notice of Unzan, and in particular, the wrong kinds of people. Civil disrest in Ul'dah begain to spike, causing him, being viewed as a problem by the parties meant to overthrow Ul'dah's current governement, causes Unzan to be outlawed from the city, stricken of his rank, and most of his friends go missing. With nowhere else to turn, the holy see of Ishgard takes him in.

◆ Textiles
Unzan knows a lot about fabric and fashion and will always be willing to lend an ear regarding either. While he pretty much prefers wearing only black he's sensitive to the fact that other people prefer different colors and textures of material for a variety of different reasons. It's something he's passonate about.

◆ Magic
He's still very much learning, and his style is brute force, so anyone who knows what they're doing with magic and is accomplished and skilled is going to have his admiration. It's still a topic that he'd love to discuss more with others!

◆ Sensitivity & Disability
His outwardly curved horns are a result of a deformity at birth that has left him partually deaf (as far as hearing though the vibrations in his horns go.) As a person who is disabled, Unzan tends to give a shit about other disabled people and in general is intuitive about others needs. If your character is neuroatypical or disabled Unzan may pick up on it and try to accomidate for your character. While he's unlikely to bring up the topic at first, if you ask him about his horns or tell him about your own struggles he'll be open and honest about his as well.

◆ Rejecting Tradition
Unzan is very much a person who rejects the traditional views and roles his family placed upon him and this is one of the reasons he set out on his own to adventure to begin with. Other than food, he finds anything traditionally Hingashian to be outdated, trite, and frankly boring.

Roleplay Limits & Info
I am new to roleplaying on ffxiv so patience is appreciated! I can and will rp from either the roleplay or WoL timelines. In the WoL timeline, I believe that many characters can be a WoL, and yours is welcome to be as well.

Within roleplay I value both platonic connections as well as romantic ones between characters.
Please be over 18 to roleplay with me and over 21 to roleplay romance with me. Thank you for respecting these boundaries!

While I am interested and may be comfortable with NSFW roleplay, I must be comfortable and have a friendship with the person behind the character first. Thank you for understanding. (Also, of course, the over 21 years of age rule applies here as well.)

Upon arriving in Ul'dah, Unzan has to travel light, and he doesn't have much in the way of coin or supplies. He sets off to do what he knows how to do, tradework, but without supplies, his work comes out rather shotty. He's found by Alyssa, a Lalafell, who takes him under her wing and provides him with tools and helps him get off his feet. The two become fast friends.

alyssa observing unzan weaving
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