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Welcome to my slice of internet. Originally made in 2019, I decided to revamp the entire site. Please enjoy my weird intersection of hobbies, personal ramblings, and more. Don't mind the construction! There's still a lot of broken links, new pages to be created, etc. Please be patient, thank you!

Finally finished all Gaming Console pages! Hot Damn! Also been working on a Book Log that I've been just updating everytime I read a bit. Other than quiet book log updates, this might be my last major update of the year? Maybe? Happy 2024 if I don't see you again!

I dropped some huge Halloween themed pages this month and am hoping to make halloween pages a habit here on my website.

New Pagan Webring that I'm very excited to be part of, new blogpost because Homestuck updates dropped (wtf), I'm slowly adding in a new section about my doll customs that's about 50% done, & there's some little tweeks here and there too that I've been doing.

I completely changed the site around? Oops :'D I still have to add the header to every page other than the home page but other than that... I hope you guys like it! I made Gaming it's own section as well it was getting pretty robust and I think this works better.

Still working on Gaming pages. Getting there! Though I realized there's no link to the Dreamcast page I made anywhere... I'll have to fix that, whoops.
Pokemon Log and LSD Dream Diary are live, basically me keeping track of playing the Pokemon series and an LSD Dream Emulator playthrough. Helps to keep me accountable. I hope you enjoy reading them both.

Added Movies and Spirit Companion page as well as the Transmasc Webring!

More Gaming Pages, Sticker Page, Acing the Internet Webring, entirely new Navigation... lots of fun stuff.
Probably the most important update was the photosensitivity/mobile friendly version of the gaming page, which is just a list of links, but still.

Self Insert Webring and Pet added :P
Started stamp page & Edited some new links in.
Working on more accessibilities.

Sitemap up, edited down nav bar.
Made a page for personality quizzes.

So many changes that it's hard to label them all.
Mostly working on gaming related pages, completely changed gaming page, I'm very happy with the result.
Also published a D/Enemy Zero/D2 shrine that's a collection of old scans from magazines and etc.

Finished accessibility edits on all pages. The site does have a long way to being fully accessible, but the edits made should help people using screen readers to access my page better.
Also edited some text on my Tarot page, made an entirely new Shrines page, and added a button wall/tweeked my Links page.

Currently making accessibility related edits to all webpages.
Working on some cool gaming related pages.

First Site Update! I haven't been on Neocites in years and I miss it so I'm revamping everything.
Already made a new splash page, finished home page, converted several html pages to refect new layout.
Updated About Me to contain more accurate information and completely revamped layout to an orange theme
Started Organizing and relinking images to help my brain.
Made a proper css stylesheet! Very proud of myself, it's like I'm a real web designer now!