I'm a witch! I do witchcraft! WIP

Witchcraft helps me take back control of my own life. It's been very important in my own healing process!

Here's a free spell!

Moon Wish Box

You will Need:
Decorative box of your Choice
Optional: Clear Quartz, Rose Petals

1) On the New Moon, write a wish on your piece of Paper with a Pen

2) Put your Wish outside or by a windowsill overnight (This is so it can absorb the New Moon Energy!)

3) The next morning, put your Wish inside your box, and stash it away somewhere where you won't see it everyday. Put it out of mind. (If you have optional materials, add those too!)

4) Let your wish manefest during the Moon Cycle!

5) On the Full Moon, open your box and read your Wish!