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Created Apr 15 2019 ♡ Yarrow 2023

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white original wii on a stand with a wiimote

I remember being around the age of thirteen and talking to my then friend about how cool the Wii was going to be. How we'd get a controller that let us slash a sword across the screen, just like we were holding it. Unfortuently for my teen dreams, we really didn't get that kind of capability until way later in the Wii's lifespan with Skyward Sword, which was a divisive title in and of itself. Most Wii titles used the wiimote as more of a point and click mouse than anything technologically impressive. A lot of shoveware took advantage of the wiimote in the worst way possible, making the wii's controls more of a joke to "serious" gamers. Still, the Wii had a lot of fun games on it!

I got my first Wii when I was in college, I was determined to play Super Smash Bros Brawl on it so I could practice at home and kick the ass of all of the people at my school. This never really happened. The smash happened, but not so much the ass kicking.

This was also around the time I got into modding consoles, and once the Wii was considered obsolete, I was quick to softmod my own. After my college days I had a lot of moving home due to chaotic and unpredictable life circumstances. Because of these moves, and because I was playing a lot of games off of a hard drive anyway, I ended up selling almost my entire Wii gaming library, only keeping one game that I had never gotten to play. I honestly really regret this and want to try to build up my physical library again someday, but my moves are sadly not completely over. I want to wait until I've moved into a house with my partners to really start building up my gaming library again.

In leu of owning phisical games, however, I've somehow managed to amass... more wii consoles themselves. I've rescued two recently and fixed and cleaned them up. Left is the one from my college days, middle is Watson, blue console is Hannah. Hannah's a future mod project once I have the know how.

three wiis, two white and one blue, side by side inside of a tv console.

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